This story is like a chat room in which the house of anubis characters and the hunger games characters meet. Hope you guys like it!

Chosenoneugh has entered chat.

Chosenoneugh: Hi! What is happening?

Iamamockingjay: Not much. We're still mourning the loss of Prim. :(

District12baker: The President is forcing us to marry in the Capitol.

Sibunafounder has entered chat.

Chosenoneugh: Hey Fabes.

Sibunafounder: Hey!

Ihaveapassionforfashion has entered chat.


Ihaveapassionforfashion: The Capitol finally let me go!

Chosenoneugh: Congrats?!

ScissorLuv has entered chat.

ScissorLuv: Oops wrong chat!

ScissorLuv has exited chat.

Iamamockingjay: Who was that?

Chosenoneugh: idk. Anyway, whts been going on with you guys?

Passionforfashion has entered chat.

Passionforfashion: Hi! Whts been goin on w/ u guys?

Ihaveapassionforfashion: Not much.

Passionforfashion: OMG! CINNA!

Ihaveapassionforfashion: Yep!






ScissorLuv=??? You'll find out soon enough.

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